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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Hope you all enjoyed the video in the post before...The quality in the video posted in the post was really bad which is why I uploaded the video in full quality. If you download those, you will be able to see it in full resolution. The blog embedded one sucks...

If anyone has a more effective solution on how to put the video IN the post itself, I would really appreciate it...Suggestions welcome.

Some folks had problems with actually playing the downloaded file. If you are having problems...Go to this link -

Download VLC media player...Superb player and will play pretty much every video file under the sun..Few it will not but thats fine...

Do this, and I am sure your problems with actually playing the file will be solved...

Regd the earlier posted poll, majority was bearish..But I think this is because you guys are reading my views and are influenced by it. Mainstream as I see is not so bearish...Sure there are bears but there seem to be a lot of baby bulls. Scary.
The other thing I feel is this...We are probably in the terminal end of this decline phase..So this means lots of people are bearish...But still the decline will come to wipe out the last smidge of bullishness so that the new baby bull market can start.
This is my feeling and interpretation. I can be wrong also. :)

Okay now coming to the markets...

So far, the market has been driving both bulls and bears crazy...Rangebound moves...And very volatile both ways and taking out both bulls and bears. I expect we will continue to be in a wide range of maybe 2500-2900 for atleast few more weeks...And the interesting part is we might test BOTH ends of THIS RANGE very soon. Get ready for some fireworks! :)

Be careful though playing in these conditions. What we have in some serious volatility compression...And we are building cause for a move in a certain direction. I am still looking for down as per my fractal map but still will be playing things cautiously...For example day before, I got out of some of my puts which I will likely enter today...Only thing I am not sure is whether to go for Reliance or Nifty but will see...Either case, I believe in next 4-5 days we have to start the big move down...2525-2600 first stop.

Charts and Commentary below -



SENSEX something important...Even though I am raving bearish here and I am sure many of my readers are...Its important to play safe...We never know what can happen in these environments..SO...Play Safe!


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shaq said...

can you show analysis from other technique like bands vix n all...keeps it interesting to c what those indicators have to say...just a thought to add some variety in the blog posts.