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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Out of longs...from 3166 to 3374 odd..

Not doing anything now..

200+ pts..I will take that.

I will post some charts and thoughts later if I can.


Some Mumbo Jumbo

Some more mumbo jumbo from my side..more of an extension to the post below this..

Often I've wondered why we go through good patches and then bad patches..Is it luck or is it all in our head? I think its the latter..Even a gambler has good streaks...but again is it chance? is it luck? Or is it something else?

I have had some stupendous periods of gains and good trades .. I have wondered what made me do that..What created that? And why does it not continue ad infinitum? I believe its all about being in the 'zone' .. Now what is being in the zone..simple..I am sure we all would have played some kind of sport in our life and during some point of time, we would have been playing at the top of our game in a particular game..and NOTHING you do...NO MATTER what you do, it always goes right..Thats the ZONE.

Now traders also have this zone...I have found myself somehow stumbling into this ZONE sometimes..Its mostly by accident but sometimes by design as well..And once we are there, usually something stops the streak and reality snaps back..I think a lot of it depends on having the right amount of confidence and also the right amount of common sense...Most expert traders remain in the ZONE permanently and trading for them is like a second nature..Traders like me..well not quite there even though we'd like to be there...Its a tough game this trading..No matter what you do in life..what all you do successfully, nothing can prepare you for trading successfully except for trading itself.

Its a tough road..Most give up..

But heres to sticking on the road..And getting into that permanent 'ZONE'!

Thoughts on the market later.



..I mean just wow...Been a long time since I've seen something like this...Market digested the big gap down and just powered ahead like its a new bull market..My decision to cover and go long in the morning paid off nicely..Position size was not as big as I would have liked but lol, I'll take it...Beer money :)

The markets are getting a bit ridiculous now..I still have a bad feeling this wont end well..but well thats just me..We shall go by what the market does...200pts in one day from low to high!!...well I wont complain as I caught all of this move...Still its amazing how this is going now...Looks like no one wants to miss the bull bus.

As you might have observed(lol, right), I havent been in good form lately and whenever this happens, it pays to step back a little and regroup before trading again...Bad streaks good streaks call it what you will but I believe its all in the mind...I guess I might be finding my groove again..Keeping fingers crossed.

Trading in the Zone is a good book by Mark Douglas on psychology in trading...I recommend this to everyone..More than often the enemy is within us..I want to also sincerely thank SS(Timamo) for encouraging and helping me during this time. Thanks!!! :)

Footnote: I would be very careful in the market now..Its close to euphoria now..You know what comes next..It can run some more but the last 5-10% of the rally is dangerous to catch - use extreme caution folks.

More later.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Getting Interesting...

Back into the grooove... :)

Getting interesting in here...down to first support..taking a stab at some small longs...Not sure of timeframe yet.

PS: Dont get into this trade unless you have balls of steel! :)


Pullback and then...

So we are going to get the pullback..And what next? Dont know..lets look at the charts.



Looks like after this pullback, we might make one more attempt at the highs..Maybe a bit higher as well before a more serious pullback..As of now, the megabearish scenario is on hold...After a rally with this much momentum, we need to look to buy the dips..For NOW...Not to say this cannot change quickly as well...

For NOW, the hourly is on an uptrend and the 20hr swing is on a buy..until this changes, it pays to buy the dips...Overall(1month-2months), I believe we shall top out and have a downmove but its not possible now to say how far this goes, so lets not try to predict and instead play the hourlies.

I might look to go long today on the pullback..small amounts only..As you might know, Lee needs to get his GROOVE back :)

In other news - Cramer calls the bottom again :D



Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pullback due this week....

Lots of discussion regarding following the trend..I agree that we need to follow the trend..But tell me? - How do you define the trend? Hourly? Daily? Weekly? What I mean to say is where do you decide that the trend changed?

The market over the past several months have been rangebound...A large range but still rangebound...Anyone trying to trend trade on the daily would have been burnt...Maybe it is changing now..Do not know..Since the daily was burning me, I decided to move to the hourly. Since then the market has not given a meaningful pullback..just surging ahead on top of gap ups and new found optimism.

I am open to a new mini bull starting but this action is not healthy in my very humble opinion..Up on gaps..Same can happen in reverse.

We should see some sort of pullback atleast..this week and then maybe power up higher..The 3240-3260 area is of obvious importance as I have pointed out in previous charts. We are this close to taking it out...So lets watch that...If long and market goes above that, setting stop a little under that might be prudent.

For shorts, I am still waiting for the hourly to set up a sell so that I can go in short in bigger size. Unfortunately its not happening...Maybe that is the plan..Power ahead like this till 6300 without any pullbacks? :)