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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I have been very happy with the way FLDs have been working so far. I have explained about FLD's in earlier posts in detail - Keerthi please read the post I did on Sunday night with the charts. I have tried to make it as detailed as possible and also with examples so anyone can understand.

Pilot, 80 week lows, even though we dont have 100% confirmation yet, I think its very high probability we did set the low at 4650 odd. However how long this low will hold is another story. I did do posts earlier on this speculation recently. Hope you did not miss it.

Chandra, if it is the 80 week low, we will have upside - yes - but it does not have to happen very very fast. There will be backing and filling so form a good base. See Oct 2008 - Mar 2009 period to see what I mean. 2nd thing about FLDs..see its a cascade, this is why I was sticking with the 5050 target from beginning. See FLD cross, projects next cross, then that cross projects next cross and so on. So based on my rough calculation, I came up with those levels i.e if we close 4770, its extreme high probability that we get to 5050 with some resistance expected in b/w at 4850 area. This was shifted down from 4865 to 4845 as the FLD lines came down.

The formation of FLDs I described above is called an FLD cascade and it basically projects a good upside in the method I explained above. One by one.

Here is a look at the current view. As you can see, we are at the next FLD cross. So basically it is crossing today at 16100 Sensex (around Nifty 4830). Bottom at 15500. So difference is around 600 points = Approx 200 Nifty points. So adding this to 4830, we get 5030. So 5030-5050 is the current projection for the 2.5week FLD.

Now the market has run around 7 calendar days from the 4650 low. So we need to start looking out for the 2.5 week cycle now. I think we will top in the next 2 or 3 days and then maybe try a consolidation move into the 2.5 week low - this is however not likely to be a major low - we might try to consolidate at around 4850 area - in effect test this area from above. All speculation for now. For now we have the FLD outstanding target of 5030-5050. Then we see.

I might book profits today atleast partially and re-hedge the rest just to be on safe side.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Hope you guys have been watching the power of FLDs. I mentioned in last update 4865-4875 needs to be cleared for higher targets of 5050 and little higher. Market reversed exactly at 4865 yesterday. One reason I booked some profits at 4850 as updated and tried to buy back lower.

Anyhow for today, looks like if we clear 4840-4850, we are looking at a 2.5 week FLD cross which will generate a target of 5050+...Wait and watch..I think trading with FLDs have been going far.

I will reply to comments later...


Monday, November 28, 2011


Well yesterdays FLD call turned out to be a very accurate one. 4770 to 4850 - not a bad little trade. But it might just be the beginning in this little upmove. Today we are facing resistance in this area and might be just consolidating before the next move up - but need to watch carefully because as of yet, there is still no confirmation of the 80 week low yet and when dealing with very large lows like this one, flitting back up and down is quite common.

Anyhow, I took some profits off above 4845-4850 NF, hedged the rest with 4800 puts. Now will just wait and watch. Will update if I do anything.

FLD cross 1 target was satisfied yesterday. 2nd is still pending - i.e above 4860-4870 area, we trigger target of 5050-5080. But this might take a few more days to trigger.

EDIT: 1.5hrs after open: Now that I got some more time for review, this is what I have. Yesterday first FLD cross - 5day FLD - generated 4850 as target and we hit it to perfection. Next the 10 day FLD - generated a higher target of around 4910-4920. This target is still outstanding. Then the 20 day or 1.25week FLD - this will generate a target of approx 5050-5080 once 4865-4875 is crossed. So basically the 10day FLD and 20day FLD are tied together and they together generate a target of 5050-5080 maybe bit higher to 5100. This is the outstanding target for now and what I am playing for. As I mentioned before, this will not happen in 1 day so play defensively but on the long side. Thats it for today. Questions are welcome.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

FLDs and the Week Ahead

Back from a few days off from Thanksgiving Holidays over here. It was a good relaxing time away from everything.

Last week, we were trying to find some sort of bottom. I mentioned before that I have some signals that I am going to use for going long. I am still flat since none of my signals triggered yet. I will outline here now what is this signal so that you have some idea.

Till now, I have barely scraped the surface on the utility of the Hurst model or did not reveal too much to avoid confusion. I have been thinking that I will do that for past few days and mentioned it in my last update as well. Its called FLD - Future Line of Demarcation and is a Hurst concept. Basically it is price line of daily average price moved forward in time by a certain value - this value is determined by the cycle values - like 20 week, 10week, 5week etc. 5 week which is also the 40 day low for example, would be moved forward by approx 20 days. And will be called the 5 week FLD.

FLDs have a lot of utility - Crossing of an FLD confirms that that particular low has been set. And also gives us a target for the price move. See chart below -

I have added some annotations here - The 10 week FLD is offset by approx 34 days here because the 10 week is running 68.3 days right now. This is the light blue line I have shown on the chart. I just gave this as an example but you can see how it worked. Once crossed on downside, it confirmed the 10 week high and also projected a move 1000 sensex pts lower which we got as well. Its uncanny how often this works very well.

You can see several other examples in the chart. Just look at the light blue line - the 10 week FLD and see how it generated a target for the Oct 4th move up. Many more are there. See if you can spot them. When you combine multiple FLDs, it gives a lot of information on what to expect next in the market.

Each FLD cross generates a price target, this price target can generate another price target and so on. This is my trade setup right now. See chart below.

So first for me, the 5 day FLD or the white line should be crossed to the upside. This will generate a target equal to the move until it crosses the white line. Then the pink line and so on. The bigger the FLD line, bigger targets can be generated. And when there are multiple FLDs like this in this position, the move upward can be explosive. Maybe just like the downmove. I will add more on FLDs in coming days.

For now a move above Friday's highs on Nifty at approx 4770 gives very high probability that the lows might be in. And also projects a likely move above 4850(based on FLDs) and above 4850, I become quite confident that the 80 week low also might be in. I will go long today in small quantities with above prices to guide me on where to add and where to cut - Also will have a strict stop at the recent lows of 4650 area - Breaking below this level means the market has more work downside and also that the 80 week low is NOT in. How prices are acting with the FLDs will show me when to take profits or when to stop out the position.

Hope I made sense. This has not been an easy market to trade with all news noise out there. So hope everyone is still 'intact'. Trade Safe.

EDIT: Few minutes after open - 5 day FLD cross at 15800 SENSEX (4740 NIFTY) - Projects 16100 SENSEX (4840 NIFTY) : All approx figures. Lets see if this works out. 4840-4850 cross will give a target of 5050. One step at a time and I will fine tune these values tomorrow.