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Friday, March 13, 2009

Wrap Up

So I did absolutely nothing today..Which is also why I did not post in case anyone was wondering. If I dont post, assume I did nothing.. Its either that I am also confused and thinking what to do. Or that I do see anything tradeable in there.

For me yesterday was a day I could do nothing or very little...No pattern reliable enough to trade. I actually have some more leeway to add shorts as I am only 50% short now.

Its basically what we call a narrow range day even though it was a huge gap up..atleast what I would call an NR tradable day..Almost for 3 hrs or so, the market just stayed in a very narrow range...Absorbed all buying and selling and then moved up - short covering or buying I do not know..But I would guess a lot of shorts may have covered.

I wanted to hedge if possible, but market did not pullback enough to do that. I wanted to also add shorts if possible, but market did not rally enough for me to do that...

So next week, I will be looking at 2740 first and then 2780/90 next to add in some shorts...If market does look like it will close above 2780/90 any day, I will take my lumps and close this in a loss.

We could move straight up to the target and fall. OR we could pull back a bit to 2660 range and then try to rally up to 2780 again. Essentially the possibilities I have drawn down in below post. So its all different possibilities.

Its a moving target - Will watch next week for more clues. We all trade as per what we see. Please do not question others trades - this will not be entertained in this blog. After all I have to assume everyone reading this is intelligent enough to know when they are wrong - by themselves. I do know this and I make my own decisions - Just a cautionary request to all. I saw some challenging and questioning on cbox lately - Its not good. Trade your own stuff - If you are MAN enough, then post your trades. If you get it right, well and good..If wrong, well another trade will come - Take your lumps and move on.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Squeeze on the Cards?

Looks like it based on the huge strength in all markets. And maybe this one will actually stick. As of now I dont have a clear trading plan even though I do want to hedge all my shorts with options - This rally may have some legs - I do not know at this point...Whenever the trend changes, its tough to get on board. At this moment I do not see anything to suggest a trend change - But I guess thats how something new starts always.

If market breaks back into the triangle, it will invalidate it and the bearish case will weaken considerably. So thats my line in the sand right now. Either case I will look to hedge today on a pullback.

Chart -


ITS WAR - Pure and Simple

Everyday I prepare for trading in the markets. During the US market hours, I watch the waves, try to understand where its going. During the time in between the US and our markets, I study different views, blogs, boards to get more ideas and thoughts..Not that I follow anyone but its to get different perspectives on things..Mostly I plan the trade and trade the plan. Before entering a trade, I have a plan - Meaning what will I do IF market does this? What is my exit point? What is my add-on point? At which point will market prove me wrong? How do I manage this trade? And a very important question - What is my RISK on this trade?

Most newbies ask me - what do you do to become successful in the markets. I dont have an easy answer to this. Markets are dynamic. There is no holy grail out there to making money in the markets. Its all a matter of experience. A matter of having a strong mind to weather out minor bad phases. A matter of understanding money management and risk management. Above all, you need real time experience trading - Its no easy feat - Hours and hours of effort is needed. One thing new traders always think about is WHAT is the profit potential of a trade? They never think or understand the concept of - WHAT is the risk potential of a trade? See trading is not about charts or TA alone. There are many factors which I have tried to explain above..

I always say - 3 things - Mental frame of mind, Money/Risk management and finally TA/Charting/Some kind of trading method or system. All 3 need to be there, all 3 need to gel together. Its a process...And each trader needs to evolve himself or herself into such a state. Its not easy but can be done.

When I trade, I feel like its a WAR. There is no concept of investment when you are trading in and out. In fact, I find it hilarious when some folks say they invested in calls and puts..LOL..Do you know what investment is? Where is the wealth creation? Trading short term or in FNO is a zero sum game. I take your money, someone else will take my money...You need to be ahead of the game to make a mark. The sharks are out there to take your money. Its WAR - pure and simple! :)

Maybe putting cash into stocks Buffet style so as to earn dividends - Yeah this is investment...Not what most people do or can do.

So when you go out to trade each day. Prepare for WAR...Bulls and Bears make money..Pigs get slaughtered :)

Charts and Views later.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009


12:30PM: Okay..Anyone shorted the pop to 2620? I added to shorts...Now hold and wait..Let us see..Good night all..Will try to post some charts tomorrow.
EDIT: Well on looking at intra charts some more, looks like we good have one more good push higher upto 2640 but not sure...More tomorrow!
11:40AM: I dont see any intraday patterns worth trading today...So no charts. I am also not sure what will happen later today...If we do infact stretch up into the 2620-2640 area, I will look to add some more shorts.
10:40AM: Hmmnn...Looks like shorting the open would have been a good trade..Nuts..Well I expected more strength today :) No trades yet today.

Something of interest and what I like for the BEAR case - Sentiment turned visibly more bullish over the 2 holidays we had...Based off a number of forums and blogs I visit..Pay attention here...I have been saying for a while we have to have one more low...Where exactly I do not know :)...Trade from point to point for now..
After the Open: Well not that big of a bounce as I expected..But there is still time..Done nothing so far. I see 2620 as first point we need to get above on on a hourly candle. Then 2660 - This is for the bullish case..For bears exact opposite today...I am just looking for spots to short at now...

How far do you think current bounce goes up to today? Comments please..
Uploaded the Zurich Axioms again -

The Axioms

Anyone missed reading this last time, please do. Its an awesome book necessary for everyone trading in the market..
So looks like its a big gap up today for us after the 2 day holiday. Well got to take it as it comes. I will wait to see how market opens and trades today before making a decision. I see a few possibilities but would like to watch a bit before making any decisions.

Hedging against shorts is one thing I am thinking of. The other is to closing the shorts at loss and trying again higher. The last one is ofcourse add on to shorts at higher levels and so get to full short position size.

A decision has to be made :) More thoughts later.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

US Bounce

Big bounce in the US markets...Will this one stick or fade like everyone else? My view - MAX upto 742-750 SPX is possible after maybe a pullback tomorrow..So pullback from 720 to around 700/690, then again one more move up after a little into the 740 area max..It may not even get that far...This is how I see it happening. Another classic ABC pattern before next move down - Also this should be the FINAL move down.

Now this kind of puts a quandary on the shorts I am holding now. Maybe the US market will be weak tomorrow and bail me out but I am not sure. But I am not too worried about this..Either way, I see this wonder bounce failing soon. And since I am at something like 50% of my planned short size, I can always add more if we bounce higher...But its a moving target - will see more on Thursday morning.

Also lets see how tomorrow in US markets plays though.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Week Ahead

After the close - So as expected the 2560 gave support which is why I said below, intraday guys can take profits...So this sets up a creek, break below 2560 will mean a quick decline to 2500 where we might bounce a bit again...Next 2 days US market action is key here but I expect we break it sooner than later unless something really unexpected happens on the news front..
Cheers...Have a good couple of days off front the market!
12:10PM Update - Sometimes TA (and my calls :P) even amazes me :) Again I called this in realtime below...You guys owe me big time...j.k :)..If you are a day trader, take some profits now...I am planning to hold these shorts through the holidays..Good Night to All!...


11:40AM Update - And THERE you have it....Breakdown baby...Breakdown :)

11:00AM Update - A look at the charts...Added bit more to shorts...

10:15AM Update - Entering first small tranche of shorts at around 2583..Just 30% for now...Watching for now...If we get a good bounce to 2660, I will add to these so that I get at 60% short...Probably wont do more than that today as its risky.

Risk averse folks - Dont follow me on these shorts..As I said before, the 2 holidays are a problem here...More later.

Before the market Open - Most of my thoughts are on the charts.

Trade plan is to start shorting asap. Looks like we have a lower open in store today even though I am not sure why exactly...So looks like I might have to chase short entries today...But whatever...I will try to get short in small amounts today. Remember the next 2 days are holidays..So dont over commit to anything.

Also remember - We are building/or very close to building a very important bottom...Timewise as I have been saying, March end - April mid we shall get an important low.

Intraday comments will follow later.