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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Update - 4/22

Stock portfolio as requested by few readers. This was bought at around 2nd week of March or so. And then kept on adding until last week. The point to note is Index has actually moved down since I started buying but portfolio as as whole has moved up. Presented without bias. Presented as taken from my portfolio tracker.

You might wonder why I have so many stocks in my portfolio here. I have explained it before but its simple. When I start, I have a big number but then I cull it down over time. What doesnt perform gets thrown out and whatever performed the best gets added to many times over every single week. If you see the allocation amounts you can understand what I am talking about. I study the charts weekly to make a decision on this. But I dont spend more than few hours a week every week. So its nice and easy and fits my work schedule right now. Ok I wont say nice and easy but it is very comfortable now for me to do this. I love it and am feeling at peace with the market. And if I can make some 25-35% from the market yearly consistently..Consistently being the key word..then I am happy..more than Happy. And I have tried to track this method back in time..there have been years where returns of more than 100% have been attained. Ofcourse not possible every year but once in 3-5 years such a year will come and thats when portfolios like this outperform the market many many times over. Lets track this method out in real time over next several months/years..As long as I am able to actively post.

Coming to market views. Nowadays since the weekly is on a buy, I dont care too much about trying to predict day to day moves. I am buying all dips looking for the next big bull market to unfold. I expect there will be some more dips going forward maybe until May end time frame. This is where a major cluster of lows is expected. I will post a detailed update later. I will try and make a point to post weekly from now on. Atleast a snapshot of my portfolio so you know how it looks. The funny thing is before the Friday flash crash, this portfolio was almost 8% up!. That certainly took its toll. But I dont think the BULL is done yet contrary to all the popular views and doom and gloom out there today.

More Later.