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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Market Update - June 26th 2008

Friends, been a long time since I posted some charts...Mostly coz I was very busy with work and also coz there was not much to post...Yesterday was an important day in my view...And I got almost the lows...Lets look at the charts now...See how the daily turned up from the mid trend line...So far good...but before we get all bullish, we will almost surely have a good pullback..For me the most ideal situation will be if we dont go below earlier low...set a higher low and move up...But I feel any pullbacks from now on will be very good to accumulate some good stocks..It seems like market will stick with my earlier idea of not going below 4000 this time around..let us see..

Coming to the weekly...What is important here is how the stochastics looks....Very oversold..And good possibility of turning up over next 2 weeks....Pullbacks should be bought in my very humble opinion...Weekly stochastics are like the holy grail for me for longer term buys and sells..
Let us see...Trade safe.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Quick Update - June 25th

Quick Update on the market...No time right now to post charts or for more detailed analysis but looks like today is a very good day to buy....I am almost 100% long now and covered all my puts also...Dont get me wrong...downside risk is still there for some more time...but risk reward is good on long time now for longer term...More to follow later!