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Thursday, October 6, 2011

5 week low is probably in

Yeah I know. Sucks doesnt it? Holidays in our market..And then the GAP from HELL when we reopen..LOL..I have always wondered why we dont have futures trading after hours. Kinda sucks when all the US markets have derivatives of our indexes and stocks. Kind of dumb if you ask me. But its what we have to work with right now.

Market will always throw us curve balls and bouncers. That is the aim of the market. To separate you from your money.

So looks like a big gap up today. I alluded to this possibility a couple of times in earlier posts. I.E that the 5 week low might be in. This is one reason why I covered shorts on that day I missed the 100 point downswing. Yes it happens. I tend to get these intuitions and signals a few days early. I had a feeling the 5 week low was coming in that day which is why I covered the shorts. What use? :) Still went and entered some shorts past 2 trading days. Nowhere fully as before covering but still around 40-50% short. Still the very good thing here is because of this conflict in my mind, I hedged up nicely..almost too much I think..So today's possible big gap will not injure me..maybe slightly. So I cannot complain.

Updated Hurst Chart -

Ok I mentioned in the last post that it is possible, the 5 week low has already come in. And this chart kind of puts lot of evidence to this view. I earlier thought the 5 week low might come in the Oct 10-14th timeframe as I had posted before. BUT when we talk about lows and cycles we need to give some allowance to the timeframe. So it looks like the 5 week low might have come in on Oct 4th. Ok now coming to possible upside from this low. Remember, this is the last 5 week cycle, so its a bearish cycle. So this is still a bear bounce. Quick and sharp. But it will also quickly roll over. Need to wait for it thought. Price points are 4910-4950 and 5030 levels. One of this areas should provide the rollover and return to downtrend. Before that we have 4860. So lot of points but short covering in atleast first few hours will happen, after which we might get back to the trend.

I think until next week mid. Oct 12th i.e, we might not see major downmoves and will be in a corrective sequence..i.e an ABC move..So A might complete today, B down will come and then maybe a weak C..I feel it might not get above 5030 level for this full corrective move. We shall wait and see.

Another thing what this new evidence does to us is it puts the 80 week low that we were expecting in Nov mid to come a bit early maybe in the Oct end timeframe to Nov 1st timeframe. So need to watch out for that. Either way since we are so close to a major low, caution is advised on bearish positions and we need to start looking for evidence of a more sustainable longer term low very soon.

I will post updates. I have some shorts. I might close them on opening and just keep the hedges I have. This in itself will put me in profit. Have some puts and NF shorts and more than 150% hedges on them because everything was uncertain. So will close/play with them accordingly.


1. 10:00AM Update - Covered all shorts at open. Holding the hedges which are in good profit right now.

2. 11:30AM Update - Covering the hedges..And slowly building into shorts..I might keep some higher hedges just in case. Just remember I think the bounce can go up to the Oct 12th timeframe.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

No Update Today

Very tired..Going to sleep early. I will try and put up a detailed post tomorrow. Position update is short(40% only) - I plan to hedge today and also add to the shorts over time. I am expecting some sort of possible bounce(small chance only but it is out there) over next few days(did the 5 week low come in early?)..And then the downtrend to resume heavily. Not sure on this as I havent done any analysis yet. Will do so tomorrow.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Not Much..

...of an update today..Same as yesterday..Looks like market is trying to bounce..However I really doubt it gets much far in this bounce..4900 is a good point to watch..If it gets there..And if it can sustain for atleast 1 hourly close. Till then downside risks remain and risk reward favours shorts. Remember we are trying to build a bottom but until we do so...Sudden downside moves will keep coming in..Atleast until the 5 week low expected in Oct mid and the 80 week low expected in Nov 1st/2nd week.

1. I am covering some shorts here to reduce risk..and also like I mentioned before to sleep well..It removes lot of pressure to book some profits and let the rest ride..And if market does bounce back from here, we can always add back them shorts. Still short in the range of 60% or so. Whatever I booked now are shorts from the 5000 area - so excellent profits also.

2. Not sure anymore..Today's action is quite uninspiring from a bearish perspective. I am reducing shorts even more to just a bare bare minimum(just token position) at around 4840..Earlier shorts were cut at around 4830 and below. For now market is looking strong. I will readd based on market action tomorrow. Going to bed.

3. Gotta love it. Has it topped for today? I am readding shorts again..But in a very phased manner. I want to have shorting power till 4950-5000 or so. So going slow and steady. Started from 4860 NF.

4. Definitely not looking like it wants to hold 4860NF..Added some more when we got there just now..Market not letting me sleep!

5. Stopping out again on the shorts since its sustaining above 4860..Shoulda gone slept lol..Will come back tomorrow fresh!

6. LOL this is too much...As soon as I cut the shorts, market goes down :(
Yeah I got up just for this..Shorting back in slowly on this pullback. Gotta love the market though for the conditioning it does.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Next Two Weeks

So last week was quite a tumultuous week with expiry also thrown in. I have posted my thoughts on expiry in earlier posts. There is no doubt that some kind of manipulation always comes in on expiry which will throw us off.

So now we are back to the trend which is down. Important price levels are at 4900 which I have been saying for a while. Break this and interest goes down to 4800 which we should do today. Break of this and a 3rd test of 4720 is assured and we should break that this time. Bottom line is I believe the past few weeks consolidation and breakdown level of 5200 test is complete and we will break 4720 soon.

As you can see from the chart 4720 is an important support cluster. More accurately 4720-4675 level is support. Break of this and a test of lower levels like 4400 will be on the radar. One step at a time.

Hurst wise, the Oct 10-14th timeframe should give us the 5 week low. And I expect this to be a very very weak low being the last one in this cycle. We might have a couple of days bounce from there before continuing along the primary trend into our 80 week low. Expected Nov mid timeframe. Again lets go one step at a time.

I shorted last Friday..Not fully but ok enough. So today if we gap down heavily it might not be a great time to add to shorts but we should have bounces which will give us that. Will post updates.

I will do a long term post sometime within the next few weeks. Because we are getting closer to an important low which should offer some safe tradable opportunities on the long side for several months.

1. Is that a bearish island formed on the charts? I can see it on the intraday chart on Ilango's site. If so, the its going to be bad for the bulls for the next few weeks I feel. For now a bounce seems to be on. Use this bounce to build into shorts if not already short..If already short, then can add a bit more which is what I will be doing.