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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Quick Update and FLD Projection - 6/30

Quick update on current cyclic view. 20 week low is confirmed. Also 20 week FLD is crossed giving us a projection of around 5700 in this 20 week cycle. We need to wait and see if it will be achieved. It was a big breakout of sorts on Friday. Could just be the game changer bulls were looking for.

Sachin, generally I dont like doing stock cycles because it gets skewed up. Any how here is the SBI cycle phasing. Looks ok enough however I am not very happy with it :) I prefer to focus on index and then go top down from there. Also stock data will have issues with it most of the time. If you see the chart closely you will understand what I mean.

Not updating portfolio today.I will do in around 2 weeks from now. Its now around 7% up. I will do some rebalancing next week on it.