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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

VLT charts- Sensex

Very long term sensex charts with comments..Looks to be an important area. Tested today morning for one...

Bottoming is a process...Expecting retests of this area again...Maybe today itself before 
a lasting rally..


Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Search for the Elusive Bottom

Well folks we are in search for a bottom...This week initially should be bearish and a recovery later which should also coincide with a longer term bottom. This is what I am thinking now however we are in unprecendented times so be cautious. I am adding stocks in cash in all dips...Lets rock...! 2600 is the final bottom I see...Before that we have 2900 area and then 2750 area as possible supports. I dont see us going below 2600. 

I will look at covering my futures short positions today and take some crash puts to hedge my cash portfolio. Also adding to cash postions in a few days...

Below are some charts with comments. Dont miss them.