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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Low Volume Declines

The past 2 days moves lower...both here and in US..have been on low volumes which makes me very cautiously bullish...Now again only for a bounce upward where I plan to get short again...Now dont trade for few days if you are risk averse because nowadays markets are moving on news alone and things are quite volatile and dangerous. If you dont manage risk properly, a trader can have his head handed over to him. Be careful out there...Its a jungle!

Some UPSIDE and then MAJOR DOWNSIDE...My Outlook for Now...!

Lets see :)  


PS: Long time since I put up charts I know...But will do so before or on this weekend.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Update for the Week

Hello All, Well after the outrage over last weeks events and everything else, I settled  back and looked over things and reflected, analysed, and reached more saner areas in my thought process....Most of the time, a position can cloud your judgement and ofcourse this will impact your ability to make money...always..We need to be of clear mind to keep making money..consistently.

Trading is not about trading systems...its more about the mind..and good money/risk management techniques..Now dont get me wrong...TA and systems are important...though not as much as we think them to be or how much people make them out to be...

Okay..Now coming to the markets....We are gonna have some decline today for sure..I will look to cover them shorts I already have which I took from 4250 area as I had updated in previous posts and go flat...And from there I might try some very small nifty longs...Very small coz I am not confident on them and since recently bearish positions have worked better for me than bullish ones..but still might try some small longs for a bounceback....Dont get me wrong...I am still bearish but near term some bounces can come..Maybe to the 4400 or 4450 area.........

Charts and EWT structures..I am still reviewing this...Watch for them in following posts.

Comments welcome...Are you bullish or bearish on our markets? Please comment!