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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Update for 28th of October

Will Update a little bit late..probably 15-20 mins late.



Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wishing everybody a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali

First of all wish everybody a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali!

So looks like this confused bull is maybe slightly vindicated right now with the markets above 5200. So the next thing to see is can we get into the lower 5300 range and then consolidate above 5200 - this is what I will be watching out for. Let us see.

I got up today early morning for this special session. I have few NF longs from the 5050 area which I will be covering today. Its a pretty good profit to take today. Still holding the cash portfolio - To tell the truth its not performing as well as I would have liked but then need to give it more time in the larger scale cycles..We shall wait and see. I am churning it around..cutting down the losers and adding to winners..will be doing this for some more time. Market needs to gain more momentum and confidence. It might only happen after the next 5 week low(and higher scale possibly) expected in the 1st week of Nov. I will post a more detailed view with charts tomorrow.

Happy Trading!

Edit: 5pm: Covered NF after some time after the open and now bought back some. Frankly speaking, not seeing much bearishness. Maybe because its today :) still the Nov 1st week cycle low is looming in there..need to be watchful.I would really love to see some consolidation around here building a base and then moving higher. Anyhow, we will see in coming days how it all works out.

5:10pm - Out again..Thats it for today.

5:20pm - One more add..Buying few 5200 puts now. Not sure if this is a wise move with a lot of big news coming tomorrow but this is in part to protect my cash positions and also because of the upcoming cycle low in Nov 1st week. We shall see.


Monday, October 24, 2011


This obviously remains the BIG barrier right now for market upsides. This needs to be cleared before we can say all clear for higher prices. I earlier thought market might clear it an then retest it from above. But does not look like it at this point. So we might consolidate and move lower here for a few days to set the 5 week low before we can rally higher.

Of course today is a big news day so anything can happen. And together with that expiry. So could be quite a day. I still have some future longs from 5050 area. I think I will close them today to be on safer side and wait and watch. Cash side I have already spoken about before. I will be doing some rebalancing today - removing some underperformers and freeing up some funds for later.

Charts are still relevant from yesterday. And I will post some more thoughts later on the market cycles. Dont miss the comments section from last post.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week Ahead - 24/10/2011

PS: I changed my profile picture to a 'confused bull' LOL :D

Maybe now the market can go down in earnest!

EDIT: 10:05AM: Looks like my comments have been taken in wrong sense. It was part in joke. See my confused bull comments and picture were just to put forward a humorous view on my mentality right now. I am bullish dont get me wrong. But I am still cautious till Nov 1st week end. After that I think we wont see a lower low so buying is the way to go. So Today I had lot of NF longs from Friday.I covered some today...and still holding the rest FWIW for higher prices..But if I think it wont go higher from here, I will be quick to cover..will post updates.