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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Weekend Thoughts

A more objective look at things that transpired last week and also a look at possibilities for next week -

As I alluded to in the previous post, the last week in US was QUAD EXPO week - Basically everything expired..We had a lot of games played by the market makers...A lot of manipulation...Yeah I know lot of you dont believe it...But the markets are manipulated! So big rally in US = Big rally for our markets...Nothing else...Did something good come from our side of things? Nope...Okay instead of looking for reasons, lets see what can happen next -

CHARTS - See those posted in the posts below this and the next.

So what I see is - as I think I explained last week, a move to 2700 area is almost surely on the cards...After that, it gets fuzzy...We could make one more move back up to 2820 area at which we have to see what happens...OR we break 2700, 2660 and continue lower. At this point since there has been a lot of base building at 2500, we might not break it any time soon...Maybe never...

So taking it one step at a time...Maybe the bulls are right and we pullback a little and mount a huge rally..But I dont see it yet...I will see how we react after our pullback and expiry before making these decisions..

I am an intermediate term trader...Still I do try to identify very short term opportunities which I do post here..You'll remember the wedge, the flag pattern etc..All of these made for excellent intraday trades....I do trade them also when I see some good stuff like that...Doesnt come all the time but when they do, its worth trading them...

Which brings me to my next point...There has been some debate on anticipation vs. reactionary trading...And Sajal raised some good points to counter..

Really you think about the wedge I posted earlier or the flag breakdown..Both of them worked perfectly...It was anticipation...correct? The point is, when will you react to them? 20 points lower? :)

Okay another example, in the charts in below post, we have 2820 area as strong resistance to overcome right NOW because of the falling DT line...NOW, IF I short here with stops above...Tell me - Reaction or Anticipation? :) Hope you are getting my point...And this is not TA? Think about it.

There are different methods to make money in markets...Do your own thang..But dont be so quick to dismiss others...

Most traders lose money some time or other..The main problem I have is that whenever I do this, I do so in front of a large audience in real time :)

Think about this also a bit...


Friday, March 20, 2009

Do ya feel LUCKY PUNK?



Bulls get off this train with what you got so far...Thats ALL I have to say...Sure you might get some more upside...But dont fall in LOVE with the UPSIDE..

What you got already is way more that what you should have....

AND Thats all I have to say...

I read all the comments in the chatbox...I am happy with what I read here and elsewhere...People are ready for a new bullmarket..Already...That itself tells me you all are wrong...way wrong...

And when I look at my charts, its like the icing on the CAKE.. :)

For those that did not know this last week wast QUAD Witching week in US where pretty much all derivatives expire this week..Its a very rare occurance and so lots of manipulation comes up...DO you guys think Indian markets went up on their own accord? If so, GOD bless you guys...

Cheers to All...And have a GOOD weekend.

I will most my more sane thoughts later when I am NOT this inebriated... LOL :)

Ok you guys, understand this post is more of weekend fun that anything else..I dont mean offense to anyone...Its just not my style...Just thought its a funny post to do....I will do a very sane post tomorrow...with all my thoughts..I have to give this past week to the bulls...But I think next week belongs to da bears..



Thursday, March 19, 2009

What's the Beef?

Okay guys..Whats going on...I have been really really busy the past several days...Still I am trying to come here and make some kind of update...I obviously missed to do this yesterday...Tried to say something in chatbox..And invited the IRE of some 'guy' there...

Also some folks on comments also are saying some stuff..See guy and those on comments, I dont disagree with you...I use TA too...What I use might be different from what you use...The only thing I see wrong in what I did - I missed the last 100-150 points on the upside...Now you leeches hold me to that..yeah..I know..You guys will do that...See there are different methods of TA and trading...Respect other methods too...I might be using a contrarian approach..But I do that coz thats what I am comfy with...

So okay...Have your laughs..I am wrong for now..And I am feeling the pain..BUT...

Overall I see very little reason for the market to continue up from here..If it does, I will abandon my bearishness...

Well what can I say..When I go right, lots of folks come out and praise...Some bugs wait for things to go wrong, then they come out...they however disappear when things go right again...I have been seeing this for the past several months...

You guys think I dont use money management or some kind of risk management? That was the aim of my post yesterday..Unfortunately it seems to have been too much to comprehend for most folks...Nothing I can do here...

Coming to the markets...I been wrong..No doubt...But looking at stuff today, I dont see any reason for bullishness to continue..In fact I see a good amount of downside..Very closeby...

2 scenarios I am looking at -

1. Bear Scenario - We decline fast from here, break 2770 first, 2700 second, 2660-2600 third and then touch 2500 strong support. Breaking 2500, while not impossible, seems unlikely for now...But if we do, we shall test 2200-2000 range very quick.

2. Bull Scenario - This one also portends a drop from here...We need to see where we can take supports...Will it be 2700 or 2660 I dont know...One of those areas, should support..And then we should mount another much stronger rally...

Seriously I do not know which one of above will play out...Its a toss up right now...Play level by level..Thats all we can do...There is some very bullish signals coming out...But the best thing for the bulls would have been to go down and set some really good divergences..But you know bulls..CHARGE..Yeah..This is going to be some tough trading...

I am however becoming more medium term and long term bullish..This I will give to the bulls...

Short term however...No cigar!

What I did over past few days..Reduced shorts considerably at around 2750 as I said in earlier posts...I added back some yesterday...Overall not so great of trades but lets see this to completion. See the charts below for what I am looking at.

Charts -

And as Tom Hanks said in Forrest Gump,

Thats ALL I have to SAY about THAT... :)


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Words of Wisdom

"The market can remain irrational longer than you can stay solvent"

As always, it is vital that you size your positions appropriately and not focus on earning back losses, but rather only focus on the market now and going forward. Maybe you'll get lucky and the market will move your direction next time, but over time a lack of risk control will ruin everyone.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The wedge worked very well yesterday for a short term trade...Hope some of you banked some coin...

Today also the US market pushed up..I like the action because it made people more bullish...Sentiment is important..I think its very very close to topping out..

Our market..Tricky..Today we should retest the area of the highs again..Dont know if it will go above...Yesterday I reduced on my short exposure toward the end of day..I think I mentioned earlier that I would do this..Still short but not so much that I cannot add more..

So thats the plan..The top of the falling channel is at 2830-2840 range..So that should remain stoploss for shorts for now..Please note I never put in a hard stop..Instead will have a mental stop..

As for the market moves, there are few different possibilities...Infact the more bullish one was to drop to 2660 range over next couple of days and mount one more rally upward. Dont know if we get it but overall I would say we are in a topping mode right now...Lets see how it plays out.

If I see something worthwhile intraday, I will post.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Intraday Chart

Looks like a wedge but not very confident -

Breakdown of 2750 might get it to 2700 first, 2660 second and last 2600 strong support.Obviously will not happen in one line or in one day.


Bank Nifty, Reliance and the Broader Market

Some requests from viewers:

Heres Bank Nifty -

Heres Reliance -

Lastly here is a look at Nifty again.
Nifty -

I have to admit I have been wrong this time in shorting the rally too early..I have to give kudos to Ilango for calling this correctly i.e an ending diagonal...

Maybe a move down from 2780-2840 range to tag 2500-2450 range again. After which we shall see a much more sustainable and bigger rally.

For now, I am in damage control mode regarding short positions held. I still think 2500 will be seen again. But I am considerably less bearish than before..So will look to reduce risk and trade lighter. I would recommend same to everyone.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

What I see.....

12:30PM: I said we'd test 2730, and here we are testing it...May sell off from here..Infact I think good odds for it..Above it and we can run very fast to 2750 and maybe even 2780..Low probability for now..

11:00AM: Okay so initial upmove over..And a pullback..It looks like its taking support around here..So it will try again 2730 range...Need to see how it reacts there before determining what can happen next..I added bit more to shorts in the am..As I said earlier, I was 50% short earlier...added bit more today...Not yet at 100%...I will reserve that for IF we trade at around 2820.

Before I get into the charts and forecasting...Let me say some stuff...Most of you guys think that when I come out and make a statement like market is going to rally and test so and so a figure or market is going to fall and test so and so a figure, I look into my crystal ball and dole that out to you..OR that I am an operator moving the markets :D ..OR well that I am bullshitting you...But well that is NOT the case...Absolutely NOT...There is a lot of study that goes into this forecast..LOTS..That most of the normal folks wont be able to wrap their head around it!..LOL..I am delusional..A little bit crazy...A little bit paranoid...And very dedicated to the market that probably Mrs. Lee will soon drive me out of the house! LOL :D ..Thats probably why :) Not trying to be coy..But just trying to say - Dont take this stuff for granted..There is a lot of effort going into this..I am not God..I am wrong more often than right..But thats what we have exit plans or Stops in place for..But when I am right, I WILL rock and roll...And thats when most naysayers come out I last week and before :) So today, I will try and show some of the stuff I am looking at..

Its a very very interesting juncture...Infact I'd call it the most interesting and confusing juncture since the BIG BAD BEAR began in Jan of 08. So lets get into it...Guys you can comment, you can criticize, do whatever you want. I love reading comments..I love reading thoughts from others...Whether its FOR or pls post..With reasons ofcourse.. :)

The only thing I cannot tolerate is -
1. Blatant criticism about positions without ANY reasons.
2. Questioning about positions AS IF I am your financial advisor..Which I am NOT!.

Anything other than above, please guys, I urge you to post..Post charts thru stuff like imageshack or jing..I will comment..I will help if you guys are looking for help...Anything...

Ok lets start then, we shall look at some charts first with my comments annotated on them...And then we shall go into my thoughts on what market shall do this coming week -

 what do I think...I feel..that we have 2 possibilities..Test 2760-80 odd and move down for the finale capitulation...I dont know what the reasons will be but in TA we dont search for reasons :)

The 2nd possibility is that we go down from around 2720-2740 odd to test 2660-2600 range before pushing higher up into the 2810-20 range...before again the finale capitulation move..

The last possibility - I give low probability to this but as traders we need to have this always in back of mind - Is that we go above 2820 and 2850 and sustain there..This will mean a move to around 3250 first and then above than 3600 and 4200..LOL...Look at the charts objectively and you will see what I mean...

For now, I do remain bearish but I will be ready to change on a dime as we might be near to a MORPH point....More than Ever!

Comments welcome as always.