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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Trade Updates

Closed short from 2963 at 2704
Close Hedge from 102 at 31

Opened Long at 2706
Opened Hedge at 102

All positions updated in sheet above.
This 'long' trade is a short term trade. Please avoid if risk averse!

Edit: The reason being I am not very confident on this trade since daily trend is firmly down.



meet said...

hello sir,
please excuse me for my ignorance you wrote"daily trend is firmly down." could u plz tell how do you confirm that daily is down or for that matter what is the trend i mean up or down on any time frame.

Anonymous said...

Hello Lee

I have seen your 3 rd trade ( long at 2706) only after trading hours.

Requesting you to start some type of free SMS service, so that we can trade on same day as you..

Subra bhandarkar

Lee said...

Subra, not to happy about starting any kind of sms service as I explained that is not my aim. However if you really need this, something like twitter I can put on the blog and you can get updates on your phone. I do not know if it works in India...But can you do some research from your side and see if twitter or something else like that is possible...

Lee said...

@meet - How do I say daily is down?..See charts before..MACD pointing down..stochastics even though oversold also still on sell...this means daily is in sell down. So any buy is a countertrend buy as trend is clearly down. Now the countertrend can turn into trend but will take more time..

Anonymous said...

Hello lee

Thans for reply - As I was new to blog world I was not aware of " Subscribe to this Blog by Email" facility

I will use this facility and and enroled to the office ID , I belive whenever there is change in blog it will send me an email and as I am using outlook it will popup the new as of now 90% problem resolved.

Subra Bhandarkar