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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Market Updates

Well got the bounce...On quite weak volumes...But globals are in deep red now...So looks like we can retest the lows and maybe slightly lower. If so, I will likely take profits on short positions and go flat. And look to reshort higher. Will update positions if I do this.

Chart and comments below.

Dont miss the couple of posts below this explaining the new position update feature on the blog.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello Lee

Need one more suggestion, As per me IT Guys are follower of your blog or non full time trader , that means we cannot check update on blog only once or twice a day and we may lag behind in day to mentain same buy or sell...So to be in synch with you buy and sell we need some specail servive like SMS,

Do u have any plan to utilize the mass SMS service , as per me some website can send SMS for multipel guys at a time free of cost

so when we get sms with time stamp...we can quick check you blog for any buy and sell....for eg we may be travelling , when we get SMS we can call our delear to sell or buy it ..

Subra Bhandarkar