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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Adding.... shorts here...Feb NF 500 more at 2756

Hedge Options Feb 2900 Calls....1000 at 103

I am not very confident on this one...But trying it out...

Increasing hedge ratio, as bounce possibility is higher over next few days.

I will update the trade sheet above shortly.

Trade safe.



Anonymous said...

Hi Lee,

Your technical analysis of the Reliance chart is fantastic. As you rightly said Reliance has taken the whole market with it.

Your Spirit (call it ESP, Gut Felling, Sixth Sense) is guiding you to make the right move at the right time. Of course the mind needs all the "hedges" to support its reasoning, based on external feedback.

As you say the market might bounce back before F&O expiry. But as I said before watch Feb first week to make your real kill!

May your tribe flourish(Tech.Analysts).


As you

Anonymous said...

Hello Lee

I am planning to short the nifty tomorrow , Please let me know at what it is good to short , Do u have any plan to cover short and start longs on thrusday, what may be the out looks for next 2 days


Subra bhandarkar

maghil-happy in tamil said...

how are you ?

KPL sir is great,
in home page he placed the hyperlink EOD and other time frame for NIFTY? BUT me also have doubt is that swing graph is live one? if so post the link here, thank you

Lee said...

Lol Prabhu...Well I am having second thoughts about the whole big bearish scenario right now...small bearish scenario is playing still good profits..when to close is a big question.

@maghil, i dont think kpl has got the live chart but on his main market page, he does have the entry point and SL updated daily..check it out...the chart is of 2day swing only...

@subra, my dear friend, where were you when i was shorting from 2833? I fear it might be too late to start shorting do it at your own risk...I will not give any recommendation on that had 2 chances to short with me...first at 2833 and then at 2760..missed I am not optimistic on you having a good entry..but your wish...I dont want to be an advisor.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lee,

You are right, exit is a tricky business now. But it shouldn't be much of a problem to you, as you have good timing sense. It is my personal opinion that you can choose your best exit today afternoon (Jan 22) / {or tomorrow (Jan 23)morning}.

Today though the market might try to go up a bit initially, it will come down to probably test lower levels than yesterday. Tomorrow Jan 23 is likely to open bearish, but will bounce higher by last hours.

Timing is the Key, and wihin my short observation you seem to have it. You can call the shots most of the time, as long as to listen to your Spirit.

Best Wishes

Lee said...

Hello Prabhu,
Timing...well...yeah I do get it sometimes..nowadays better that before lol :)

The scenario that you have painted below...yes I also agree more or less...Retest of lows and then some bounce likely...which should be shorted again...maybe in few days to relieve oversold levels.

let us see...

Nice to have these exchanges with you...You too seem to have the 'gift' :)

You from VFM or somewhere else?


Anonymous said...

Hi Lee,

I visited VFM only after you mentioned it. It looks like a great group of Tech.Analysts.

I respect,follow and trade within the boundaries of Tech.Analysis. But my entry and exit trades are based on my own "Occult Analysis" of the "Void" using Tarot reading, Astro-Numerology, and Pendulum Dowing.

My trading style is unorthodox, and I am planning a blog soon to write about it.

With regards