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Friday, February 27, 2009

Round and round we go....

"And those who were seen to be dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music...."

-- Friedrich Nietzsche

Well folks, finally what I was expecting to happen for some time has happened. We have broken and closed below the Nov lows on the SPX and on the DOW..On the DOW by a big margin.

Chart -

Why our market is still showing resilience is still a mystery to me. Manipulation? Or just a delayed effect? Either case, my gut is saying we touch 2525 soon.

The other side of the coin is the low which I expect will come sometime in March or worst case early April may just be the BUY of a lifetime. Its coming but not yet.

We shall see.

Have a good weekend...Ciao! :)


PS: Any ideas on how the RIL-RPL merger might affect markets on Monday? To me something smells fishy...But I'd appreciate thoughts from others...


long.short said...

My guess is ... the big players aka market makers were making the market last two months for this event like what they did in Jan --2008 to feed the public mouth with R-POWER IPO.

Lee said...

LOL Sajal...Well then whatever we guys suspected is true :)

sbhandarkar1 said...

Hello Lee

I never earned only 100 point in nifty by short selling , But lost 1000 points in longs.

All are saying that nifty will sink to oct it a trap for small investor those who are going short at 2660 ?

market may go to 2625...and reverse ....and it will scale to again 3000 ( so again small investor will loose 300 points)

then again all gusy will tell this time market will reach 3500...and all we will go long.....and maket crash again to 2600...( again 400 point loss)

Lee said...

Well Sb, Best think is do not listen to the mainstream media...There are good blogs out there like Ilango's, SS or even mine :) you can follow for help...And just to get ideas..For trading ultimately always should be your call...

mail me at we can talk some more.


Yoda said...

I'm wondering if they're holding up the markets for the apr election?

Anyway, sbhandarkar1 has the right caution - the big players may kill those who hold positions waiting for big wins. Taking daily profits might be safer.

Lee said...

Could be Yoda...But I wonder how long they will be able to do it before natural cycles take its course..

Anyways I have also reduced my timeframe of profits regularly and so on..

Its the only way


Antony Joseph Rajendran said...

mergers are not new to RIL always they do this.RPL was promoted to take the SEZ benefits after taking it now the merger has come,but this time as you say something fishy may to come true.I think this merger may be for some kind of diversion of investors mind.Heard that huge loss has incurred in oil trading.

Lee said...

Quite possible...Actually I dont trust the Ambani bros at all...Never know whats going on behind the scenes.