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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Round and Round we GO

Update to the same fractal call I been posting here for a while.

EDIT: Damn - 'I AM' on the chart should read 'AM I' :)
Man last minute stick save on the US markets...Can you believe it..lolz

If this is right, Friday should also be a decent down day.



shaq said...

thx for the reply on OI...How long have u been trading in the markets considering its tough to operate in a different field altogether(maybe the time zone helps) ...I m also a Sw Egr and find it very tough to analyse and take positions managing the other job simultaneously.
I have found new interest in analysing the markets in detail and probably thinking of switching the ladder.Could you suggest how can i go about building expertise in this...not much knowledge but fudn mgr looks can one go abt in taking steps to do that..MBA?? analyst ?? or start as junior trader and work the way r u moving ahead with ur plans of becoming one..
hope u dont mind so many qs...

MVP said...

hi Lee!
i am trying to learn a few things about candle patterns and looked for similarities to the present set up. didnt find any but you have got something spotted there on your latest post.
hmmmm.... fund mgmt - great line, if you can get into. GOODLUCK!
was wondering about how do they setup PMS services? gotta collect more info.

ss said...

Hi all,

Also, think about managed accounts - exciting and much better than a FM I guess.

Lee said...

MVP, pms services..actually reqs for this are very need an MBA..setup a company and so on...but we have lot of ppl in India doing this unofficially...
Actual thing is tough to set up.

Shaq, above answers part of ur question...The other thing..well u need to spend time in the other way...If your job prevent u, then its tough..But unless you gain more confidence, I would not recommend giving up your existing job for this...Its a thankless business.
To become a trader, well nothing except your mind and experience is needed..To become a fund manager, read above again...