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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Playing Field

EDIT: Forgot to mention something. See how they killed all the bears yesterday. See how they closed the gap - Exactly what I said might happen in previous post. Now what this achieved - bullish sentiment is stronger now...I find this very interesting. I think we are building CAUSE here. But I still have to say bottom line is we have to get out of the triangle below..

Simple and self explanatory chart. Thats the field...How high up will we go? Not sure at this point. But whenever we break 2850, it will be game over for bulls.

Notice also above how stochastics is close to tipping point.

2960 is a potential topping point...Above that it will be 3050 and above this 3120. Quite unlikely we run that far. I will be looking forward to adding more shorts today/tomorrow depending on the levels - whatever I had thinned down few days back.


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