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Monday, February 16, 2009


Yeah I know I know....I promised I wouldnt post for a while :)

But when the bear finally wakes up, shouldnt I be there for it? :)

Anyways all jokes aside...I am wondering if we are finally getting the big move. Or atleast the start of it...The move that has been so elusive for so damn long. Even shook me out of a few of my short positions. Yeah I have to say its not been easy being a bear for the past few weeks. Maybe the tide is turning?

Charts with comments below.

Hope I dont JINX it this time also :)



Abhimanyu said...

Even if bare is sleeping one has to be there to confirm whether he is really sleeping or taking some rest after meals ?
If he is really sleeping then also one has to be there to watch –how long he will take to weak up.

Yoda said...

No jinx possible, Lee, we were right in everything but the timing of it (this is why I really madly want to understand Welles Wilder's Delta Analysis which goes so well with EWA).

The Nifty took an age, really.:( But I've often seen my analysis is about 3 weeks too early and have to adjust to that.

Feel vindicated and position yourself at the next rise.:D

Abhimanyu said...
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Abhimanyu said...

Today (17 Feb 2009)it seems expected Fall is closer
Get ready ....
Bollinger Bands:

S&P CNX Nifty(S&P CNX Nifty) has closed above bottom band by 16.9%.
Bollinger Bands are 60.1% narrower than normal.
The narrow width of the bands suggests low volatility as compared to S&P CNX Nifty(S&P CNX Nifty)'s normal range. Therefore, the probability of volatility increasing with a sharp price move has increased for the near-term. The bands have been in this narrow range for 13 bars. The probability of a significant price move increases the longer the bands remain in this narrow range.
Dow : 264 Points Down

Lee said...

yep..dow crashin in the looks like a serious issue...anyone noticed how dollar became strong yest and the rupee plunged?....its coming come to roost alright :)

yoda, hope so :) still short on future...though i covered a lot of options earlier in loss....nuts if i had held onto them!!!...but oh well :)


Abhimanyu said...

After looking At US Futures at 2.20 PM- Dow Mini 82+ it seems
Bulls are back ....