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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

India's Enron

Thats what CNBC is calling this whole debacle and a very apt name too. Well not much of a surprise to me and I stand vindicated on my positions in the market. Not to thump my chest or anything like that...And I truly feel sad and sorry that this is what the corporate world has become. But it was only a matter of time in my opinion.

First we will look at charts and then I will write some other thoughts mostly in answer to some of the questions in earlier comments. I admit this was one of the toughest trading positions I have held getting whipsawed in different directions...But still held on and it paid off...I will touch on some of my thoughts and ideas after we go through the charts.

First the sensex setup chart I have been posting in the past few posts...You can see my comments on the chart. Setup still very much valid.

Next the Nifty daily...Comments on the chart. Nothing more to say except it looks to me we are going to new lows...within 5-7 weeks....Below or around 2000 and I will start looking at longer term cash positions again - IF we do get there.

This was the post I made a while back calling for a fractal move...It would be a good idea to go through this again and refresh :)

The Nifty weekly...Again comments on chart.

Now coming to actual trading. I understand and agree that this was one of the toughest trades ever if anyone did stay through. I am very sure all the weak hands in the market were first wiped out by the end of day short covering rallies...And once all the shorts are out, the market goes down...

I got questions on how to avoid this...Or how to even trade this...Well there is no easy answer but I feel there are 2 rough ways to actually trade this...For example the recent move up....we know 3080 was the ideal postion to cover shorts...or should have been a good stop loss for any short positions. So once price went above this, we should have covered and then shorted again when price broke 3080 again yesterday. I think looking at yesterdays price action, it was not too difficult to actually do this...Why was 3080 important? Well see the nifty daily chart above and you can see why. Charts are the only way to trade like this...Identify support and resistance points and trade accordingly...Now the caveat here is that to trade like this, you need to be IN the market...closely monitoring all the time....In other words it should be your full time job...If not, forget about it....

The 2nd way...What I do...This is probably not as efficient but I do this because I cannot be IN the market all the time....I am hardly there for 3 hrs of actual market time and that too sacrificing on some of my sleep...So what I do is enter a position and take a hedge in the opposite direction...What this does is I never blow up my account...And also sleep fine :)
Some experience in needed in this also to determine how much to hedge...Which strike to use...etc  etc...For example...Short Nifty 3000...And Long Nifty Calls strike 3100...Now the ratio of the call options should be higher compared to the futures...Then only will it be efficient...As options will not move like futures...

The advantage of this kind of trading is...It give more leeway to me...And I can use my exit plans and I can trade over a larger timeframe...Which brings us to another important point...Timeframe...What is the timeframe you trade?...Decide that...A day trader cannot trade off the weekly charts...I use the weekly to trade...And dailys to fine tune and the hourlies to do even more finer tuning....So I trade positions on a weekly scale...bigger stops...bigger targets and much more leeway...Also it suits my style and the amount of time I can spend in the markets..

Trading is a tough business...Agreed...Experience is the most important thing that we should build in the market...Dont feel bad if you missed out on a move...More moves will come...Markets will still be around...Protection of capital should be the focus of any trader. Profits will follow.

One site you can look at for good support and resistance levels is Ilango's blog :

Also I would recommend reading this again - A post I made early last year on my thoughts on TA and trading and what is actually important to a trader. A good read for all traders...Dont miss it.

Next Possible Moves & Trade Setup
Coming to the market and the next trade setup...I think we will continue down for some more time...And a bounce should hopefully materialize from 2800-2850 area....If we get this bounce from here into 2920-2960-3000, then a good short trade can be done with stop as earlier high...Again watch the lines in the nifty daily and enter accordingly. 


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