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Monday, December 22, 2008

Range and some very interesting charts

Well folks...I got some free time did some analysis and am putting up some charts here with comments...This is very interesting stuff...Dont miss to go through the comments and the studies...If this call plays out, it will be quite an amazing move...!

First the sensex chart I posted in earlier post updated now.

Nifty log...Is this a wedge? Not clear enough to call.

Now the main chart...All comments here...Study closely and leave comments if you like it! :)

Cheers and All the Best!

1 comment:

Ranga said...

Dear Lee,
nice work, Lets see if we hold 2860 levels, if it does i feel we might have one more test towards 3200 3300,

the wave looks like consolidating, 2250 2550 2480 2650 2550 2750 2850 2950 3030 2940 ...?
i do not see 2600 levels so fast. WHy? dont know. Lets C.

Merry X mas and Happy New year.