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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Next?

It turned out to be a very good idea to get out of leveraged positions on the big upmove we had before...As I had adviced here...What next?

I am confused but I think we shall try to go a bit more higher and then come back down again to retest the lows and slightly lower...So what to do? Sitting out a bit until some sanity returns is a good idea...In cash, its a good idea to keep buying the dips...I am still longer term quite bullish...Only thing I am not very sure about is how the lows retest will happen...

From 3300 up to 3600/3700 again...And then back down to 3150/2900 range? Something like this I am thinking about now...And that low should be the major low...5th wave low that is.

Its all speculation...So better to avoid leveraged positions...In cash as I said...Keep buying the dips...I think anything around 3200-2900 is an excellent buy.


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