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Friday, October 10, 2008

Fractal Complete - Or close enough for goverment work! :)

Hello Friends and Faithful followers of this Blog,
Almost a month back I posted this message here -

and here -

Please review above messages/posts before you read this below.

The message said that based on fractals that we were going to have the next leg hard down. Nifty was at around 4300 at the time...Now at 3200...

Booked all shorts b/w 3500 and 3200...Some early...Some late...Overall a fantastic trade - The best I have ever done...Even I was amazed at how the whole thing played to the dot.

Now see the latest chart posted above. Nifty log. 
I have also added some comments on the chart.

To me it looks like the risk-reward has shifted to the long side and we should buy the dips going forward...We might get a retest of the lows in order to complete the wave structure but its not necessary. 

I bought heavily yesterday at around 3200...If you did not buy, dont worry, good chance we will retest the lows again...Else just buy the dips...The move up could be fast and furious..but should be profitable nevertheless...

One thing to note here - something I have always said...Dont use insane leverage...You will be wiped out...Trade safe..

Now wave structure I am not sure...If we have completed the BIG wave A down and the corrective multimonth B wave rally is going to start? OR if we have one more downleg in a month or so to complete the big A wave...

Maybe in a later post, if all are interested, I will post a couple of EW possibilities with charts. This fractal call turned out to be pure GOLD for me...And hope some others also benefitted...The whole time this was running, you just had to look at the charts I had posted earlier and note the pure symmetry of the both the waves...Its really a thing of great beauty :)

Trade Safe.



Yoda said...

Very clear chart explaining fractals, Lee. Your explanation (a good reason) for the bounce is the clearest of all the analyses yet.

I too have closed all my shorts and am wondering about the direction on Monday.

vpbrangarajan said...

i have given a link for some nice fractal book. did u get it?

Lee said...

ty yoda...I feel going forward, buying the dips will be better...I am doing this in cash...not leveraged...Leveraged trades..fno continues as usual...But accumulating in cash on the side.

Ranga sir - I did not get it...Can you repost here please...Also send me your email address...Thank you

Ranga said...

hi lee, couldnt get the link sent the book in your mail id.

Deepak said...

Are you able to see Wolf Wave in Nifty Charts ? If Yes then pls also throw some light on Wolf Wave also.