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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekly Trends

Late on my posting for the week since I had some problems over the week...An accident...Luckily nothing happened to me but my car...well thats a different story...But well thats life and it happens...

Anyways, coming to the market, I should have updated on Thursday but due to problems above could not...I turned slowly bullish on the day as the market was holding onto support levels quite strongly and as I said before US markets were quite ugly at the time...We opened ugly too but still bears were not able to break support even with all the global support..Slowly I turned bullish and started buying with tight stops...Happy I did so..!

Lets look at the news front..We have 2 major market moving news that came out over the weekend...One is global and the other is local...Not so sure which one is more important but together it should give a big big boost to our markets in the short term...We still need to see and review what this will do in the longer term...

The Global News - Well if you didnt hear it by now, Friday after market hours, the US govt. made public the plan to nationalize/support the 'deep in trouble' Fannie and Freddie...This is a very bullish thing to the markets esp financials due to the amount of paper being held by all the different banks...Longer term..Well makes no difference..Infact its very bad as in essence capitalism is losing and something different is happening in the US of A. I would say we live in unprecendented times...The other most obvious bad thing is that USA goes more into debt worsening an already bad situation.

The Local News - Sure everyone knows this..The NUKE deal finally falling thru and it looks like we have a better deal now...Quite bullish.

SO. A gap up is almost guarranteed..If not long, look to buy pullbacks...Dont rush in and buy..Lets see how the markets react at supports and resistances...Since I am already long from Friday, I will sit tight...

Now to the charts...

First the daily...Comments on the chart and nothing more to say here.

Heres the log of the daily. Very interesting...Again nothing more to add here except for the comments on the chart..Open in new window to view.

The weekly....Note here how the MACD is now a clear buy...But note that this is quite lagging to be careful following this except for longer term cash investments. Stochastics is quite neutral right now...Need to see this week to understand more on what will happen next.

Overall the charts and news are quite bullish for this week. But longer term, we remain bearish...Short term and maybe medium term(1-2 months?)...We can turn bullish...Watch out for more bullishness coming from the new channels and public...This will be our signal to be more careful...For now, things start to look rosy again...But dont be fooled into longer term investments...This is still an upward correction to all the downmoves we had so far.


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Anonymous said...


I do read ur posts frequently.

Sorry to hear abt the accident. Good that u were safe and hope the damages to the car are not much.

Thanks for ur analysis though i take time to follow it.