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Monday, September 29, 2008


US markets today...Man thats a crash...Biggest decline in a day that I have ever seen....Biggest since 1987....

Everyone ready for a 20% down day today? :-)

Its very likely unless some massive governtment intervention comes in. I think my longer term targets will get achieved very soon.

Dont miss the charts and TA below. When I did below analysis today early morning, I had no idea US markets would crash today...Man what a move! Almost like our own markets :)

PLS do not be in a hurry to bottom pick/knife catch. There will be lots of time. We are in panic mode now...Let the market find its bottom.



JS TRIVEDI said...

Lee,I could not find chart u refereed? How to access?

Lee said...

Js, in the post below...update for yesterday...