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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Request to please vote in poll

Please do vote in the poll on the right hand side. All it will take you is a second. Humble request to take a second to do this. If you take a few minutes to read the content on this site, you can spare a second to vote. Please do. As I said before, unless we have a sufficiently large sample size, this data is meaningless and I want to collect and tabulate this data for a long period of time. I will also post weekly interpretations of this. Believe me, sentiment if we know how to use it is a wonderful and powerful tool - I am learning on this from one of the best here in the US.
Kindly vote.


PS: Hope you like the changes I made to format and color on my site - If you have any more suggestions like this, please leave them as comments or in the chatbox. Thanks!

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