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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Position Update - Monday May 12th 2008

Out of shorts as per plan and into small longs...NF 4970...Hedged with Puts. Lets see what happens. If we break 4900 on NF, I will cover and run ;)

Edit: Looks like I was early...I need to be more patient...However still thinking we get a bounce...But market is weak...Have stops.



Naveeth said...

hi, ur blog is cool, ur comments r soo accurate and close to wat happens, nice to see u analyse both side movements, most analysts r biased and stick to 1 side, will try to visit ur blog regularly, am a small time investor, trader too

Fakhruddin said...

Lee .. amazing .. gr8 minds think alike .. i also bought NF at 4963 and hedged with 4900 puts ... sitting pretty on my longs till Wed. Thanks. This confirms my strategy.