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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Nifty Shorter Term Outlook - May 8th 2008

Okay here is my nifty shorter term outlook...Nifty hourly charts...If you see above chart, I have marked the waves from the lows...Elliot wave says that every bullish or impulsive wave consists of 5 waves...3 UP and 2 DOWN...In the same way, every corrective wave will have 3 waves...Of this 2 down and 1 up in between....A corrective wave 'corrects' the impulsive wave. Generally fibonacci retracement techniques allow us to measure how much a bullish wave is retraced by a corrective wave...50%, 61.8% etc are normal levels to retrace....So is 38.2%.

So coming to above chart, I saw certain bullish signals at the wave 1 beginning and so went long....Also got out at almost 5250 levels....Now you might ask why?...simply because 3 waves completed and I do not at this point know whether we have a bullish wave which will have 5 waves or a bearish wave having 3 waves....

So scenario 1 - I kinda favour this one - This I have marked above....That is after this correction which should be close to over, we should shoot up higher for one last time...Targets for this final 5 wave will be 5500/5600 area max and a min of 5350/5400. But for this to happen, 5000/4950 area should HOLD. If this fails, the higher targets go down the drain in the short term and we will fall....So ultimate stop of longs here will have to be 4950. Break this and we are going down big time.

Scenario 2 - That this is just a 3 wave move...This means we will break 4950 and go down very quick....Maybe to test lows at 4400 and lower...This is obviously the more bearish scenario...
So its clear...If you're long, keep strict stops. 4930 to avoid whipsaws.

If short, well its up to you...As you know I am short from 5250 area...I am looking to cover today and possibly flip a little long...Very small positions only for the higher targets I mentioned before...Ofcourse as I mentioned in earlier posts, I will be hedging my futures positions since this is a high risk trade....Will enter today and update when I exit.

Will watch stochastics and macd to confirm my thoughts and also look at the daily timeframes to get more ideas.

For today 5100 looks like key...If it manages to hold this throughout the day, it will be very bullish...If not, it will open up 5050 and 5000/4950 areas. Let us see.

Also - watch the beauty of simple trendlines in the above chart...aint it a beauty...! Often its the most simple things that work the best. Study the chart more and you can see how wave 1 shows 5 waves and wave 2 marked shows 3 waves - meaning corrective...And so on...

I will post the longer term setups and charts later.



balan said...

Dear Prince,
Your anouncement in vfmforum that you will not post your comments as frequently as earlier had a feeling that I will miss some valuable comments on the market. Now I am very happy that your observations and comments are available through out and gladly in one spot. Wish the site a long and purposeful existence.
With regards


vijay said...

Well finally you also have joined the club of blogs, happy to see this blog.keep your good work continue.


ananth said...

Helo Prince sir, Do ur best in this blog and wish a very success and hopeful views on charts. I wish a very happy and want to participate in this forum.

lakshmi said...

Dear lee i am very happy to receive your valualbe comments n observations in this blog. wish the site a long purposeful and prospective.
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ananth said...

I wish a very useful and success comments on the charts from u. May god bless all ur thinkings.

shamim said...

Hats off to u,i am a big fan of ur's and study every post at vfmdirect ,specially a month ago
when everyone was bearish,ur comment was supperb.ur research is enriching our knowledge.
Thanking u once again.....

Anonymous said...

thank u for providing dialy and hourly charts with simple and wonderful explanations,but we are
unable to read and study,pls give
a bigger chart.Nifty weekly charts
are encouraging and macd histogram
is giving positive divergence that
support ur view,a upward movement is on the cards.Thanks once again
for ur wonderful effort..........