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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Week Ahead - 28/03/2011

In last update I mentioned above 5540 we can see a good rally and we did that above and beyond what I thought might happen.

There is no doubt - things are looking quite bullish now. I have tried to give some views in the charts below on possibilities. This week after an initial pop, we should see some pullback - Use that to exit shorts and try some longs. I got out of all shorts on Monday and took a bucketload of calls to cover the loss - I will close those today and wait to get some good long entries.

Longer term chart looks still bearish however I see potential of a change coming up.
Chart gives more idea. I will be moving focus to stocks going forward and wait to see what Nifty does.

Another look at the chart from far

Best of luck and trade safe. Do your own due diligence and do not follow anything written in this blog blindly.


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Sujatha said...

Hi Lee,

Careful "disclaimer" in the last line :) mm. u r right you r helping in someway who's not having chart facility like me but having only the levels, it's easy to compare and trade