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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Market Update - August 20th 2008

Later when I posted market thoughts, I mentioned we should have weakness and then strength later in the week. Played out pretty much as expected. Now the weakness might be over or very close to over. Yesterdays lows are important...Or slightly lower at approx 4270 levels. Below this the most important number as stated before is 4150.

I am trying to build some longs right now - this will be a very short term position..Or a scalp only...I will bail on weakness or if I get something close to 4520. But lets see how it plays out.

See hourly below. We look like we are very close to some important support levels. I think its critical we hold this area where we are at now.

Next the daily - I have added some notes on this. Nothing much more to say.

Then the weekly. Again same thing..Notes on the chart. We are quite close to a big intermediate term decline but before that I am expecting a decent bounce. How much we bounce I do not know yet..But it could very well be a lower high...Watch carefully - Things could get quite ugly soon. I think longs are risky unless you are very nimble....I am also looking to build up some shorts at higher levels.

I will post a 'Big picture' article after some time.
Trade safe ;)


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