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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Make or Break!

More likely is break. Be extremely cautious here folks. I smell some serious danger ahead. Only thing I dont know yet is when the carnage will start. Over the past few days I have seen some very bullish messages around. Dont be fooled by all this noise. Let the market speak. What we have seen so far is weak hearted attempts to take out overhead resistances. But market says no. Today US markets look bullish so far..But I will remain net short from 4400 as I said I will do in previous update until I have a daily close above 4450 area. Then will reevaluate and post what I do next.

No charts today. Nothing has changed. Everything looks the same on the charts. The range compression we have seen so far says the next move will be a doozy...! Up or down is the big question and I vote for down until further notice! ;)


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